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Multiple Telltale Games Series Being Delisted from GOG

If you’ve wanted to play any of Telltale Games‘ previous series on PC then you will need to pick up the pace a bit, at least if you want to purchase them from GOG. The digital distributor has announced that on May 27th The Wolf Among Us, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, both of the Batman series, the entire Sam & Max series, both Puzzle Agent series, Tales from the Borderlands, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People will all be removed from the website though if you have already purchased these series then they will still remain available to download following this removal.

It is worth noting that The Walking Dead series is still available through the Epic Games Store but games such as Jurassic Park, Monkey Island, and Back to the Future have already been removed from these digital fronts. The distributor explained that this delisting is due to Telltale’s closure last year and with no company to renew the distribution rights they must unfortunately be removed.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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