Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Censored for the West

Various additions also included.

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In what has become a disturbing trend recently, Spike Chunsoft has announced a number of scenes that have had to be changed or flat out removed for the Western release of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning so the company could “ensure a release for the west.” These include altering the packaging art to remove any images that may be interpreted as sexually provocative, altering a CGI scene involving Sachika where her panties were visible, a CGI in the opening also featuring Sachika where her panties were shown, and the alteration of another CGI where Child Rinko’s arms have been adjusted to no longer cover her chest. The most notable is that all “Child” bedtime event cutscenes have been removed.

At least the news of censorship came with news of some additions to the localized release that include the Japanese swimsuit DLC being included in the game, a lower difficulty level for those who want to focus on story and puzzle solving, dual-audio, and a number of balance and UI improvements. Currently Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is still set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe on April 9th.

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