Warframe Expansion Fortuna Drops on Steam This Week

More things to kill, hunt and fish

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Set hype thrusters to maximum overdrive!

After an incredibly good reception with their previous “Plains of Eidolon” expansion, DE is bringing us more free content to PC with a new open-world landscape of Venus, skateboarding, wildlife hunting, robotic fishing and………I imagine things stopped making sense for you after the Venus part, right? So let’s take this one step at a time:

Venus will be way bigger compared to Plains of Eidolon area so exploring it on foot wouldn’t be recommended. Aside from flying around with our Archwing, in Fortuna we can hop on a Bondi K-Drive Hoverboard and do some sick kickflips and pipe grinding while shooting at Corpus. Just look at that tasty screenshot below.


With new playable area, comes a new faction (Solaris United), which also means new weapons for us to develop & master.  For the first time in Warframe history, we will be able to liberate Corpus bases and take on their giant patrolling robo-spiders (I imagine these will be Venus version of Eidolons).  Want a short break from taking on Corpus? How about hunting and capturing various wildlife of Venus. Hopefully, I can get one to keep me company in my spaceship. These additions come with some improved mining, exploring (DE promises huge caves all over Venus) and fishing. The fish on Venus is a bit different, as in – robotic, so you’ll need a special spear to catch them.  And lastly, all of this is sweetened with a brand new Warframe to play with, wild and gory Garuda.

In short, more than enough content to keep us busy for the whole winter. More details can be found on Fortuna’s dedicated page here so what else is there to be said? Cancel all of your plans for this weekend and stay frosty, Tenno! Fortuna is coming.


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