Sword Legacy: Omen Launches on Steam

Explore a dark version of classic Arthurian legend

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Team17, Firecast Studios, and Fableware Narrative Design released their tactical, turn-based RPG Sword Legacy: Omen on Steam. The game takes the classic legend of King Arthur and gives it an adult twist. The aesthetic is reminiscent of older cartoons like Disney with a lot more violence and brutality.

Players take on the role of Uther Pendragon, a knight with vengeance burning in his heart after his lord is slain. Uther recruits a band of misfits to aid him in his quest as he cuts his way through Broken Britannia.

Sword Legacy: Omen is out now on Steam for $17.99 USD. A 20% discount celebrating the launch brings the price down to $14.39 until August 20th.

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