Zephyr Prime Access Now Available in Warframe

Rule the skies as a shiny bird of prey

Action News PC Playstation 4 Xbox One

Wake up, Tenno!

Digital Extremes has unveiled the newest member of their Prime Access pack, Zephyr Prime. The shiny bird of destruction has improved stats over its original Zephyr Warframe and it’s available on Steam PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One. With a focus on mobility, speed and powerful air attacks, Zephyr Prime comes with a deadly Kronen Prime tonfas and a Tiberon Prime burst rifle. Depending on the selected Prime bundle, this deadly package also includes goodies such as Commodore Prime Suit as well as some exclusive cosmetics for your Kavat pet.

Also, important to note that we’re only a few months away from their annual Tennocon, with some tickets still being available here. Considering that last year’s Tennocon marked the reveal of a great Plains of Eidolon open world area, I can’t wait to see what kind of surprise have planned for us this time.

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