New Extinction Trailer Demos the Game’s Skills

New trailer shows off the many types of armour worn by the game's giant ogres

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Iron Galaxy Executive Producer Derek Neal sat down to talk about Extinction’s skill tree and how it will affect the game’s strategy. Hero Avil has a wide variety of rune and weapon abilities to counter the massive armoured ogres of Extinction. There are a variety of armours that the ogres, known as the Ravenii, wear. For example, spiked armour will damage Avil if he lands on it, so he will need skills like Rune Gravity to give players better control of Avil while he is in the air. Of course, some ogres are simply too powerful to take down at all. Brightsteel armour cannot be destroyed, so players will need to think up of creative solutions to achieve their goals when facing a fully decked out Ravenii. Accompanying the trailer is a new infographic that breaks down all the armour types.

Extinction is an action RPG set in the kingdom of Dolorum that is overrun by the Ravenii after years of peace. Avil is a member of an ancient order that has prepared for the return of the Ravenii. Called back into action, Avil is on a mission to save the townsfolk and the cities from destruction by killing the Ravenii invaders. To do this, Avil will climb the massive Ravenii in battle, destroy their armour, and strike their weak points to bring them crashing to the ground. Extinction is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows in Spring 2018 (Autumn 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere).

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