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‘Free!’ Season One to Be Re-released in the U.S., Now With an English Dub

FUNimation Entertainment announced via social media a few hours ago that Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is being re-released in North America. They are producing an English dub for the first season and have partnered with Crunchyroll to release it on DVD and Blu-ray in July this year.

FUNimation stated that they will be releasing more titles as a result of this partnership in the future. Crunchyroll announced last July that they were planning to dub several of their anime titles, such as Free! and Gintama, into English and then release them on DVD and Blu-ray. They previously partnered with Discotek Media to bring several recent anime titles to home video in North America. Discotek Media released the first season of Free! on DVD in 2015.

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