Da Capo III R X-Rated and All Ages Version Released in English

MangaGamer's longest visual novel license now available.

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Over the years MangaGamer has been releasing Circus’ Da Capo series to English speaking audiences and now the final entry has been made available. The company has recently released Da Capo III R on PC where both an X-Rated and All-Ages version of the game are available depending on what you are looking for.

Da Capo III R X-Rated through MangaGamer’s online store is currently on a discounted sale of $38.20 but will return to its normal price of $44.95 one week after release and as for the all-ages version, it can be purchased on Steam for $33.99 at the moment before returning to $39.99 on January 27th.

Da Capo III R offers over 80 hours of different scenes with the wide array of characters, ranging from happy moments spending time together to sentimental moments longing for each other and even darker, more ominous moments as you work together to overcome a hurdle and better each other

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