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Himawari – The Sunflower Announced for Release on December 9


MangaGamer has announced that they now know when they plan on releasing Himawari – The Sunflower on their website for PC users and as such, have also opened up pre-orders for the game. This all-ages visual novel will be released on December 9th and while it will cost $34.95 when it is released, those who pre-order it before then will receive a 15% discount and be able to obtain the title for $29.70. This title which was given a PSP port back in 2010, uses the PSP version as a base to help provide players with all new character artwork in an effort to elevate the sci-fi tale to new heights.

For those unaware of what Himawari – The Sunflower is about, the story follows Hinata Youichi, the sole survivor of a spaceplane crash that occurred two years prior. Despite losing both his family and all memories to the accident, he continues to lead a peaceful life surrounded by his loyal friends. One fateful night, Youichi stumbles upon a crash-landed UFO, as well as the amnesiac young girl boarding it––her name: Aries. Unable to abandon her, Youichi decides to take the girl in, and so the two begin living together under the same roof…

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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