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Voodoo is an epic experience

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Brain in the Box’s open world survival game Voodoo is on Kickstarter right now looking to raise €30,000 to finish development on the game. Voodoo is set in a fictional version of the African Savannah, where giant Izimus wander the world. I had the chance to test on an early alpha build of the game to see what the game is all about.

The preview build is a little sparse right now. It contains two small oases to explore and the Izimu Atlas to defeat. The build also includes several weapons to try, though only the bow is needed to defeat Izimu. The pre-alpha build came with an axe, sword, spear, a one handed war club, and a two handed war club. The melee system is a mobile, but a bit slow. It appears that proper timing and strategic use of attack, dodge, and block will be the key to victory. The bow needs to be pulled drawn back and the projectile fires a bit on the slow side, so players will need to compensate for gravity and travel time when making their shots.

Fighting the Izimus is a pretty epic experience. Part of the fun is figuring out what the Izimu’s weak point is to open it up for damage. For Atlas, players need to shoot arrows into its right knee until it falls to the ground then shoot the same targets that make up Atlas’ ears. I tested the game on my own and it took quite some time to take down Atlas alone. It is pretty obvious that the game was designed to be played in groups. There is something terrifying and awe inspiring about fighting Izimus. It’s not hard to feel small and very vulnerable when it is so easy to be crushed underfoot.

The audio-visual experience is sounding and looking good so far. There isn’t too much in the music department right now, but the fight music really feeds into the epic experience when battling the Izimus. The art style is inspired by African art, giving the game a unique look.

Voodoo is currently on Kickstarter until January 1st. The game is set to launch in March 2017 for PC.

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