Discotek Media Licenses the ‘Crusher Joe’ Film and OVAs

A Blu-ray release is planned for some point in the future.

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Discotek Media recently announced on social media that they have licensed the 1983 anime film Crusher Joe and the Crusher Joe OVA series. The film and OVA series will be released separately. They have been given a broad tentative release window of ‘early’ 2017. This will initially be a DVD-only release, however Discotek stated that they plan to release Crusher Joe on Blu-ray as well.

In addition to the announcement about Crusher Joe, Discotek also posted a picture featuring recently finished DVD and Blu-ray sets. These releases, pictured above, include: Lupin the Third: Operation Return the Treasure on DVD, the complete Eat-Man series on DVD, BlackJack: The Movie on DVD and Blu-ray, Sonic X Collection 2 on DVD, Leiji Matsumoto’s complete Gun Frontier series on DVD and Jungle Emperor Leo on DVD and Blu-ray.

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