Latest Yakuza 0 Trailer Focuses on Goro Majima

See Majima before he became known as the "Mad Dog."

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A new trailer for Yakuza 0 has been released by Sega and this time around the company is focusing entirely on Goro Majima, who is one of the game’s two playable characters and in the video, found below, we’ll see a small sample of his life before he became known as the infamous “Mad Dog” of the Shimano Family as Yakuza 0 takes place before the rest of the entries in the series.

Due to a transgression in Goro’s past, his bosses have appointed him manager of the club and he’s tasked with making an exorbitant amount of money in order to regain his yakuza status. Fortunately for him, Majima excels at this role and becomes a legend in the nightclub scene and making cold hard cash hand over fist. Unfortunately, he’s making his punishment look way too easy, so his handler has devised a harder test of loyalty…. one that involves blood.

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