Anno 2205 Frontiers DLC Launched

New update introduces Man-Machine Synthetics, three new sectors, and military conflict in regular sectors

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The final piece of Anno 2205 DLC has launched. “Frontiers” introduces three new sectors. Madrigal Islands and Greentide Archipelago is a nod to the Anno franchise’s island roots. Both sectors are located on the temperate region. Man-Machine Synthetics are hidden away somewhere in the Madrigal Islands and the Greentide Archipelago. Savik Province is a continental type sector located in the Arctic region with geysers that can provide much needed heat for settlements. Additionally, “Frontiers” brings military conflicts to regular sectors to secure trade routes and a variety of cosmetic ornaments.

Anno 2205 “Frontiers” is available now via Uplay and other digital distributors. Ubisoft has opted to not make it part of the Season Pass and must be purchased separately for $11.99 USD.


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