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Ultra Beast, the Aether Foundation, New Pokemon, a Photo Mode and more revealed!

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New Pokemon Sun & Moon information seems to have become a weekly occurrence and this week was no exception with the Pokemon YouTube Channel dropping another 3 minute video containing more new Pokemon, a new group of people and some other interesting side quests and game modes. I’ll break everything down with as much information as we currently have to make it easier to digest everything revealed within the video.


Let’s start with the new Pokemon. We got three completely new Pokemon here and a visual of the Alolan form or Raticate. The first is probably the most interesting of the new lot. It’s name is Type: Null (yes that’s the actual name). Despite the name the Pokemon itself is pretty unremarkable, it’s a Normal type with Battle Armour ability which doesn’t let the opponent land critical hits on it. Extra information from the Pokemon website mentions the mask is extremely heavy slowing this Pokemon down, meaning it will probably have low speed but very high attack or defences.


The next new Pokemon is a small Dragon type that will probably evolve. It’s name is Jangmo-o and has the ability Soundproof or Bulletproof. Alolan Raticate was also revealed, maintaining it’s type and ability from Alolan Ratatta. It is a Dark/Normal type with the ability Gluttony or Hustle.


The Pokemon shown at the very end of the trailer was referred to as an Ultra Beast. The name given was simply UB01, so we don’t know if that’s a tentative name or just another wierd name like Type: Null. No type or ability was revealed for this Pokemon which seems to be some sort of legendary or at least on par with them. My educated guess is that the Ultra Beast are the trio of this generation, similar to the Legendary Birds Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres and all the trio’s that came after them. The Pokemon site mentions multiple Ultra Beasts exist, each of them called by a code name. The newly revealed team which I’ll discuss later are researching these powerful Pokemon. It is also possible that the Ultra Beast are not Pokemon at all, with the website not listing it under the Pokemon section unlike every other Pokemon revealed.

Alright Pokemon Snap fans get hyped. It seems Sun & Moon will feature a photo taking mode however only in specific photo spots. You can then capture a picture of whatever Pokemon is in that area. The pictures you take will be evaluated, and as you take better pictures, more features like the ability to zoom in will become available.


The trailer went into a bit of detail about what some of the differences between Sun and Moon will be. One big difference is that the games will be set 12 hours apart, so except for a few key scenes, Pokémon Sun will operates on the same time as your Nintendo 3DS system, but time in the world of Pokémon Moon will be shifted ahead by 12 hours. Apparently this will cause some events to play out differently. Totem Pokemon will also differ between versions, for example the first Totem Pokemon in Sun will be Yungoos, while in Moon it will be Alolan Raticate. Lastly, as usual, different Pokemon appear exclusively to each game.


Now for more on the Aether Foundation which I mentioned earlier. The Aether Foundation has constructed an artificial island called Aether Paradise, with the main goal being to protect injured Pokemon and protect them from Team Skull. There, they not only provide shelter for Pokémon, but also conduct various research projects. The main character will also be able to visit Aether Paradise during the adventure. The Foundation is made up of three main members and a bunch of generic employees.


Speaking briefly of Team Skull, a new Enforcer level member named Gladion has been revealed. His main partner is the newly revealed Type: Null.


Closing off the news is the reveal of a Zygarde side quest that will allow you to collect Zygarde Cells and Zygarde Cores. After receiving the Zygarde Cube from Sina and Dexia who are actually returning characters from X & Y, you will then have to travel around Alola, keeping an eye out for shiny items on the ground which are Zygarde Cells or Cores. The website says that collecting lots of Cores and Cells may make the path to obtaining Zygarde become clear.

All this information comes after recent news in a Nintendo Direct that there will be a special Munchlax distribution for those who buy the games and access the Mystery Gift feature before January 11th 2017. This Munchlax is special in that it will come with a Snorlium Z, which allows Snorlax to perform his special Z Move Pulvering Pancake. This is very important as it confirms that some Pokemon will have character specific Z moves. Another confirmed Pokemon to have a unique Z move is Alolan Raichu, with Stoked Sparkedsurfer. Alolan Rattata was also confirmed with Alolan Raticate being shown off in this latest batch of news.


Europe and Australia are also receiving a special light blue Nintendo 2DS with either Pokemon Sun or Moon preinstalled. The 2DS has an Australian launch date of December 1st, while the New 3DSXL Limited Edition featuring Solgaleo and Lunala on the cover will release on November 3rd. Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS. You can watch the brand new trailer below. I’ve also included the Japanese one below as it features fairly different footage and shows off some other announced Pokemon in action for the first time.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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