The King of Fighters XIV Introduces Team K and Team Women Fighters

Atlus and SNK Double Down Before Release

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With The King of Fighters XIV set to be released next week for the PlayStation 4 Atlus USA and SNK have chosen to double down on their team trailers and this means that the focus this time is on both Team K, made up of K, Maxima, and Kula Diamond, as well as Team Women Fighters with Mai Shranui, King, and the newcomer Alice making up that trio.

You can check out individual descriptions for each of the fighters and the team trailers below:

Team K

  • Maxima: Even though it’s called Team K’, Maxima is the leader of these former NESTS members. He has cybernetic enhancements that make his Type-M fighting style deadly. He and his team are dedicated to bringing NESTS down. His first The King of Fighters appearance was in The King of Fighters ‘99.
  • K’: K’ was captured by NESTS as a child and made part of the Kusanagi cloning program. This means he shares Kyo’s pyrokinesis abilities. NESTS also removed his memories. After Maxima infiltrated NESTS, he became his partner, and then eventually was able to defect. Like Maxima, he made his debut in The King of Fighters ‘99.
  • Kula Diamond: Kula was designed by NESTS to be the Anti-K, using her cryokinesis abilities to take down traitors. However, she too defected from the organization and allied with Maxima and K’. She first appeared in The King of Fighters 2000.


Team Women Fighters

  • Mai Shiranui: Mai is a ninja who first appeared in the Fatal Fury series and is a user of Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu. She has some firey attacks and techniques to match her personality. She’s hopelessly in love with Andy Bogard. Her first The King of Fighters appearance was in The King of Fighters ‘94.
  • King: King originally debuted in Art of Fighting, before joining The King of Fighters in The King of Fighters ‘94. She fights using Muay Thai. A Southtown resident, she disguised her identity and dressed as a man to protect herself. She’s allegedly interest in Ryo Sakazaki.
  • Alice: Alice is inspired by Alice Crysler, a background character in Real Bout Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters 2002. Currently, she’s a mascot for the Garou Densetsu: The Legend of Wild Wolf pachinko games. Alice is a big fan of Terry Bogard who wants to prove herself to her idol.
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