New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Released

New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Reveals New Details

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With all the hype around Pokemon GO, one could easily forget the core games of the franchise are getting a brand new 7th generation installment in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. So to remind us (and probably because Pokemon GO has not been released there yet), The Pokemon Company Japan have dropped a brand new Sun and Moon trailer showcasing a few new and returning features.

There’s nothing super major here outside of the tease of the new trainer posing wristband gimmick which will no doubt have some sort of impact on Pokemon battles, but there is some cool stuff here fans will definitely be excited to see. We’ve highlight all the best bits for you below.


  • One trainer in the four way battle royale is shown to not be wearing a hat, which means for the first time in a Pokemon game the main character may not be forced to wear any type of headgear.
  • Eevee and Umbreon will be part of the Alola region Pokedex.
  • Riding Pokemon (at least a few specific Pokemon such as Tauros, Stoutland, Lapras and Sharpedo) will be making a return. It is not known if you can ride a Pokemon anywhere or only in specific regions like in Pokemon X & Y.
  • Dusk Balls, Premier Balls and Great Balls will be returning, most likely alongside other Poke Ball types.Pokemon-sun-moon-screenshot-01
  • You can groom your Pokemon similar to Pokemon Amie in past games. The trailer shows a trainer using a Porygon Hairdryer to groom a Pikachu.
  • The trainer can be seen performing several poses before the starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten and Popplio perform a powerful attack with an elemental symbol popping up beneath them. This does seem to be a new battle mechanic but what it does is unknown.

The trailer also quickly shows off two new Pokemon that we covered in more detail earlier today. You can see them being traded for at around the 1:30 mark of the trailer which you can watch for yourself below. Pokemon Sun and Moon launch on November 18th exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

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