Play Trench Run until Sunday During the Free Weekend

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Transhuman Design (King Arthur’s Gold) is running a free weekend for their upcoming multiplayer shooter Trench Run. The game has two phases: a truce phase were players can socialize and a no holds barred PVP phase that has no death. When players become incapacitated from taking too much damage, they can crawl towards a med kit and get back into the fight.

Gamers can participate in the free pre-release weekend by heading over to the Transhuman Design forum post here and downloading the game client. A free code has been posted that will allow players to create a temporary account that will last until Sunday. Pre-orders for the game is available now for $7.99 USD at the official site. Four packs are available at a 50% discount to boot! Any progress made with a free account over the weekend will transfer over to full game purchases.

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