Nights of Azure’s Demon Forms and Servans Detailed

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Koei Tecmo has released some new information as well as a bunch of new artwork and screenshots for Nights of Azure with the focus being on the Servans that will fight alongside Arnice as well as the five demon forms that she can become due to her being half-human and half-demon.

These demon forms all have various strengths and weaknesses with the basic Demon Form granting Arnice the power to manipulate fire, Rabbit Form to give Arnice unnatural speed, Phantom Form allowing her to strike from a distance, Armor Form to increase both the offensive and defensive capabilities of Arnice, and finally an overpowering Nightmare Form.

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Servans in Nights of Azure will each have their own personalities and will interact with one another. Each Servan is focused on one type between Attack, Defense, and Support. Before starting a mission Arnice can select which Servans to take with her into the field while also equipping them with various equipment.

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