Hyrule Warriors Legends Gets More Additional Content

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In a very rare occurrence in the video game industry it seems the handheld version of a game might be better than its main console counterpart. Hyrule Warriors Legends is landing on the 3DS on March 24th, bringing with it several new characters, features and modes.


Five new characters in total are joining the action hack ‘n’ slash title with fan favourite characters Toon Link, Tetra, King Daphnes (from The Wind Waker), Skull Kid and brand new character Linkle who is essentially our very first female rendition of series hero Link. New copies of the game will contain a code allowing access to these 5 characters on the Wii U version, however only in Adventure mode and Free mode. Codes will also unlock a new Trident weapon set for Ganondorf. To enjoy all these characters, the new ability to switch between up to four characters on the battlefield at once has been introduced.


New chapters are also being added to integrate these new characters into the games story mode. A four chapter epilogue based on The Wind Waker and a five chapter story based on dual-crossbow-wielding-Linkle can be enjoyed exclusively in this new edition of the game.


Another addition comes in the form of My Fairy Mode. This time around, when players explore Adventure Mode there are fairies to be found, each of whom can be levelled up to bestow additional benefits in battle across all modes. By feeding them and dressing them in new costumes, players can increase their trust, change their personality traits, or strengthen their Fairy Magic. They can even be rented to friends through Local Play, allowing them to take advantage of their skills for up to 24 hours.


As with most Nintendo games amiibo have also been incorporated. Tapping the respective character will generate more powerful versions of previously unlocked weapons. This includes the upcoming Wolf Link amiibo that is being packaged with Twilight Princess HD which of course can be used for Midna. On a New 3DS this support will be natural but players with an older 3DS model will need to use the NFC Reader/Writer accessory. New 3DS consoles will also see better performance as well as the ability to control the camera with the C stick.


Hyrule Warriors Legends is just one of the major Zelda releases coming in March with Twilight Princess landing on the 5th and a limited edition New 3DS XL also landing on the 24th.

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