NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Visual Novel Set for Japanese Release in February

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The sequel to the popular PC visual novel NEKOPARA will be coming out quite soon, at least in Japanese. NEKO WORKs, the developers of the game, have released the opening video for NEKOPARA Vol. 2 and with it comes the announcement that the Japanese version of the game will be released in February 2016.


The second volume has already begun English translation, though no release date has been set for this version, and as you can tell by the opening theme, this volume will primarily focus on Coconut and Azuki while still including Chocola and Vanilla with the rest of the cast, outside of the main character, likely playing more of a background role this time. It is worth noting that upon release the Japanese version of the title will feature sexual content but similar to the first volume, it will later be released in English in All-Ages format and in Adult format.

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