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Aniplex USA Reveals the ‘Your Lie in April’ English Dub Cast and Blu-ray Release Details

Aniplex of America recently announced their plans to release the Your Lie in April anime on Blu-ray in North America from March 2016. Volume 1 will be available on March 29, with Volume 2 following on May 31. This adaptation is based on the award-winning manga series by Naoshi Arakawa, which was serialised by Kodansha. Pre-orders for both releases are now open from the official U.S. website for the series, www.YourlieinApril.com.

Volume 1 will feature episodes 1-11 with Japanese and English audio and English and Spanish subtitles across three Blu-ray discs. The textless version of the first opening and ending animation and audio commentary for episode 1 will be featured as on-disc extras. Volume 2 will feature episodes 12-22 with the same language options as with volume 1. The textless version of the second opening and ending animation, audio commentary for episode 22 and bloopers will be included as on-disc extras. Physical bonuses and package features for both releases include: an original soundtrack CD, collectable postcards, a box illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa and a BD case cover illustration by character designer Yukiko Aikei.

The cast list is as follows (character/Japanese actor/English actor):

  • Kousei Arima – Natsuki Hanae / Max Mittelman
  • Kaori Miyazono – Risa Taneda / Erica Lindbeck
  • Tsubaki Sawabe – Ayane Sakura / Erica Mendez
  • Ryota Watari – Ryota Ousaka / Kyle McCarley
  • Emi Igawa – Saori Hayami / Erika Harlacher
  • Takeshi Aiza – Yuki Kaji / Erik Kimerer
  • Nagi Aiza – Ai Kayano / Stephanie Sheh
  • Nao Kashiwagi – Shizuka Ishigami / Julie Ann Taylor
  • Saito – Kazuyuki Okitsu / Robbie Daymond
  • Saki Arima – Mamiko Noto / Wendee Lee
  • Hiroko Seto – Mie Sonozaki / Carrie Keranen
  • Koharu Seto – Inori Minase / Cristina Vee

Both releases have a suggested retail price of $159.98 USD. They are currently available for pre-order for $129.98 USD.

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