Pokemon Rumble World Receiving Improved Physical Release

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Pokemon Rumble World is coming to physical retailers on January 23rd at the price of $49.95 AUD. The packaged game will include all inclusive content and updated functionality, specifically, newly reconfigured features such as Poké Diamonds, the Poké Diamond Digger and VIP Cards which basically remove the pay to play aspect of the game and make it easier to voyage through the kingdom of Toy Pokemon.


You, along with your Personal Mii, will collect Pokémon through thrilling gameplay, challenging stages and by collecting essential items. Every existing Legendary Pokémon can be discovered and collected, with Mega-Evolving Pokémon joining the battles. Plus, your Adventure Rank will increase the more Pokémon you collect. If you’re really keen, you can purchase the game right now from the 3DS eShop in it’s original form which has been available as a downloadable title since April this year. There is also a Wii U version of the game which you can also check out on the eShop.

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