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Nintendo Badge Arcade Getting Pasted on eShop Cards in Japan


I have always hated microtransations. I really do hate them. I also hate car dealers who beg me to buy something I can’t afford. I am however clueless of why I find that rabbit so oddly endearing in Nintendo Badge Arcade, who offers free plays, but mainly wants your cash to be used so you can customize your menu with little badges.

I will not lie, I have spent $20 at least. I had to have every Kirby badge and it they fit my theme with “Gourmet Race” perfectly. Anyway, Nintendo of Japan are now pasting the little persuasive mascot on their eShop cards. Its like getting your check and already writing which store you will be offering it to ahead of time, but still a good idea so kids can know that this type of money can be used to decorate their 3DS. I will say I would love the idea more if we got like an NES game or something of the sort as a treat for collecting a set, but alas – Nintendo are going this direction and since there is no gun to anyone’s head and is completely up to the player, I guess I will call it fine. Well, back to the practice claw I go.