More Cast Members Revealed for the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’ English Dub

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Over the last few weeks, the Gundam Global Portal Facebook page has been gradually revealing the cast members of the upcoming English dub of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans anime. The previously revealed members of the English dub are listed below the following list. The new announcements are as follows (character/actor):

  • Eugene Sevenstark – Bryce Papenbrook
  • Akihiro Altland – Doug Erholtz
  • Norba Shino – Lucien Dodge
  • Takaki Uno – Zach Aguilar
  • Ride Mass – Amanda Miller
  • Yamagi Gilmerton – Griffin Burns
  • Atra Mixta – Cassandra Lee Morris
  • McGillis Fareed – Steve Cannon
  • Gaelio Bauduin – Robbie Daymond
  • Ein Dalton – Max Mittelman

Four cast members were previously announced this month. In order of announcement, Kyle McCarley was cast as main character Mikazuki Augus, Johnny Yong Bosch was cast as Orga Itsuka, Cherami Leigh was cast as Kudelia Aina Bernstein and Erik Scott Kimerer was cast as Biscuit Griffon.

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