Minecraft Coming to the Wii U in less than Ten Days

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We knew there was a big announcement on the indie side of Nintendo due to rumors, but Ninty have now let the cat out of the bag, confirming that on December 17th (one day later if you live in Australia/NZ) you be able to finally download and play Minecraft for the Wii U.

Yes, now even Nintendo consoles have this generation’s biggest hit, and that is good news to those who have wanted to play on the Wii U gamepad, but have not had the option as of yet. You should also know that this version will be a bit more pricey at $29.99 – but comes with the following skin packs to get players started:

  • Battle & Beasts Skin Pack
  • Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
  • Natural Texture Pack
  • City Texture Pack
  • Fantasy Texture Pack
  • Festive Mash-up Pack

The following packs will also be available via the eShop – sold separately:

1. Festive Skin Pack
2. The Simpsons Skin Pack
3. Doctor Who Skins Volume 1
4. Doctor Who Skins Volume 2
5. Star Wars Classic Skin Pack
6. Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack
7. Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack
8. Mass Effect Mash-up Pack
9. Skyrim Mash-up Pack
10. Plastic Texture Pack
11. Candy Texture Pack
12. Cartoon Texture Pack
13. Steampunk Texture Pack
14. Pattern Texture Pack
15. Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack
16. Halloween 2015 Mash-up Pack

So there you go, go get Minecraft again as Nintendo themed skins are “COMING SOON!”

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