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Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle #25 Now Available


Whether you’re hunkering down for the winter or staying out of the summer sun, Indie Gala’s Friday Special Bundle #25 has something for everyone. This bundle comes packed with twelve indie games in two tiers.

For a minimum purchase of $1.00, buyers will get:

Lonath Online – A top down PvP based MMORPG set in the medieval kingdom of Atheos.


Data Jammers: FastForward – Explore a geometrical take on digital data in this retro styled arcade racer.

Your Quest – Start a brand new civilization and explore the dungeons underneath your town in this casual turn based strategy/RPG hybrid.

For a minimum purchase of $2.49, buyers will get:

Clandestinity of Elsie – After a heavy night of drinking, alcoholic veteran Hayden Warrick finds his wife Elsie has disappeared.


Catorize – Players will need to fling their cat across 80+ levels to capture all of the coloured orbs.

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity – A trippy experience that mixes classic arcade gaming and soothing sights and sounds.

Vox Populi Vox Dei 2 – A minimalistic adventure game against an empire of evil wolves.


Tracks and Turrets – A top down tank combat game supporting both single and multiplayer.

Super Space Meltdown – A 3D dungeon crawler that gives players exactly 60 seconds to clear the level.

Aces of the Luftwaffe – A retro style arcade shooter that pits gamers against hordes of Luftwaffe pilots.


Edge of Space – A 2D platformer and building game set on dynamically generated planets.

Primal Carnage – A competitive shooter that pits humans against dinosaurs.

For the first 24 hours of the sale, the entire bundle can be purchased for $2.49, so grab your copy at Indie Gala today.



Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie is the Managing Editor at Capsule Computers and has covered video games and technology for over a decade. When not playing or writing about video games, he can be found studying law or nerding out on fountain pens and stationery.