The Epic Finale Arrives for The League APAC Season I 2015-2016

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The Epic Finale Arrives for The League APAC Season I 2015-2016 

The Season I Battle for Asian World of Tanks Supremacy Is On 

August 21, 2015 — After 9 weeks of round-robin battles, the League (“WGL”) APAC Season I Finals 2015 – 2016 is primed to introduce KONGDOO (Korea) and RefornGaming (China), both of whom will go up against Caren Tiger (Japan) and EL Gaming (China) respectively for the championship title.

Held at Yongsan e-Sports Stadium (I’Parkmall 9th Fl.) in Seoul, South Korea, the Season I Finals will see the final 4 elite World of Tanks teams battle it out on the Asian arena. The final stakes are the right to be crowned champions, two coveted places in the global WGL Grand Finals, and finally, a piece of the USD104,000 pie – the accumulative prize pool for all seasons of this year’s APAC league, shared between winning teams and their members.

Battling with a 7v7 system, a max total tier of 54 and a top tier limit of 8, a fierce battle of skill and teamwork will be on display for a world-class spectacle of blazing firepower. The events schedule is as follows:

22nd August 2015 Saturday, 17:00 UTC+8

Match 1: RefornGaming vs EL Gaming

Match 2: KONGDOO vs Caren Tiger


23rd August 2015 Sunday, 12:00 UTC+8

Third Place Playoff: Loser of Match 1 vs Loser of Match 2

Final Match: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2


This season’s champions of the Asia server, Caren Tiger and EL Gaming, will go up against Korea’s KONGDOO (previously ARETE) who have taken the WGL APAC title home 3 times in a row, and the newest entrant, China’s RefornGaming, who have set out to deal some serious damage to stake their claim on the championship.

Entry to the Season I Finals will be free to the public with a lucky draw for the most passionate spectators.

The event will be broadcast in English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese on the official Twitch channels: ENG / KOR / CHN / JPN / THA / VN.

“The WGL APAC-Asia Season I has been absolutely electric so far and I can’t wait for our fans to join us once more for this finale as our teams battle it out!” said Jasper Nicolas, General Manager of Wargaming Asia.

To learn more about the League APAC-ASIA Season I 2015-2016, please visit: 


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The League infrastructure gives aspiring players a clear ladder of progression for them to transition to the pro scene. Split into three divisions—Gold, Silver, and Bronze Series—it allows for skilled players to tap into the world of pro-gaming and provides them with a clear path onward to the top echelon.

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