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Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 102 – Garfield Needs No Friends


Chairs are broken. Lives are at risk, and people everywhere are in panic. This week on CC Unplugged, Dustin Spencer and Garrett Cheater have come back together to speak about gaming related news such as Nintendo’s Chris Pranger situation, EA and new Star Wars announcements, and some other random stuff that just happen to fall into place ever-so conveniently. It is a show that will have you clutching your petitions before the episode is over, so there is that. Close your eyes and imagine a happy place, and it might be like that if you actually happen to visit that happy place, but with our lovely voices tickling your eardrums.

Grab a terrible side character from a 90’s cartoon that would have been…(sorry, I will try to resist), tell your friends, and prepare to get UNPLUGGED!



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