Adult Visual Novel ‘Free Friends’ Now Available from MangaGamer

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Since MangaGamer has worked with plenty of different eroge devs in the past and are currently working with more than ever, the company has just now released their first PC game from developer Noesis. The eroge is called Free Friends and follows the story of Yui Kurahashi, an innocent girl born into a rich family and generally ignorant about the ways of the world. After getting into a fight with her family and running away from home, she is stuck wandering the neighborhood with nowhere to go.

A friend tricks her into using a website called “Free Friends” in order to find someone to help her, only for the true purpose of that website to become clear as soon as her “savior” extends a helping hand. Those who wish to purchase this adult visual novel can do so on MangaGamer’s website (18+ Only) for $24.95.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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