The Evil Within’s Final Piece of DLC is here

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You’ve survived through Sebastian Castellanos’ frightening journey in The Evil Within. You’ve played through Juli Kidman’s epic two-part saga in The Assignment and The Consequence. Well now, it is time to tackle the horrors of The Evil Within from a whole new point of view – that of the Executioner.

That’s right, the final piece of DLC for Bethesda’s horror game, The Evil Within is finally here, and gives players the ability to become one of the game’s most iconic and terrifying monsters – The Keeper. Titled “The Evil Within: The Executioner,” this new chapter is a first person mode where players wield the Keeper’s giant hammer to slay hordes of enemies.

The Evil Within: The Executioner is available for $6.49 or as part of the Season Pass for $25.95. We have attached the release trailer for the game below so you can check out some of the action below. What is the future of The Evil Within after this point? At the moment nobody knows, but make sure you stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the info on the game as it becomes available.