Classic Anime Soundtracks to Be Released in the Columbia Sound Treasure Series

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Japanese music label Nippon Columbia recently revealed their plans to release classic anime soundtracks on CD in their new Columbia Sound Treasure Series.

The original soundtrack for Nippon Animation’s 1977-1978 TV series Ore wa Teppei (I am Teppei) will be released on April 29 for 3500 yen, plus tax inside Japan. The background music, the opening theme song “Ore wa Teppei” and the ending theme song “Kani-san Kani-san” will be featured on two discs.

The original soundtrack for Toei Animation’s 1981 anime special Rupan tai Houmuzu (Lupin vs. Holmes) will be released on June 24 for 2800 yen, plus tax inside Japan.

The original soundtrack for the 1972 TV series Umi no Toriton (Triton of the Sea) will be released across two discs on July 29 for 3500 yen, plus tax inside Japan.

Song details and a preview of the Ore wa Teppei soundtrack can be found at the official website.

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