Princess Evangile Adult and All-Ages Versions Now Available

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MangaGamer‘s latest localized visual novel, Princess Evangile, is now available for purchase, or download if you happened to pre-order it. There are two versions of the title available, an All-Ages version that is currently available on Steam for $34.99 where it is temporarily on sale for $31.99 and an Adult version featuring uncensored nudity and sex scenes that can be purchased on MangaGamer’s website (18+ Only) for $44.95.


This PC visual novel is described as a “massive” title that features twenty six different chapters with numerous event CGs as the story follows an entire year of school where the protagonist is enrolled in Vincennes Private Girls’ Academy as the school’s first ever male student as a test to see if they can integrate boys into the student body with there being a vote at the end of the year to determine whether or not the boy can stay in the school or if he will be removed from the premises.

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