Bloodborne Available Now!

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Are you ready to get your ass handed to you by grotesque monsters in a chaotic, puritan setting? Do you also own a PS4? I hope so because Sony and FromSoftware, the guys who brought us Demons Souls and Dark Souls are back with Bloodborne, exclusively on PS4.


Players take on the role of The Hunter on a journey along the dingy alleyways of the fictional, sprawling city of Yharnam. The 19th century setting is dark and foreboding, with strange cloaked beings and deformed figures lurching out of the darkness ready to attack at any moment.With a quicker pace and more emphasis on being on the offensive, this game will be sure to give everyone a challenge – even the most veteran Dark Souls Player.

Bloodborne is out now on PS4 so what are you waiting for? get out there and get slaying!