Adam Sandler and Pac-Man to Star in Pixels this Summer

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Video games and movies. The transition has never been too great, but Sony Pictures Entertainment is looking to change that with Pixels. Imagine if video games came to life and played us – and by played I mean attacked. Well, Pixels looks to peak the interest of players as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and more have come together for an action/comedy where Pac-Man, along with several other properties such as Donkey Kong attack the real world.

I feel like Sandler hasn’t had a good movie in a good while, and James…was only good in The King of Queens, but hey, I am optimistic as you never know if this little flick will be able to hold some sort of entertainment value. Namco already has a heavy influence it seems as well, so its already better than The Order. Check out the trailer below and look for the film to drop in theaters this summer.

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