Dragon Ball Xenoverse Full Roster & Alt Outfits Revealed

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2015-02-08 12_53_22-Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Full Character Roster & Alternate Outfits - YouTube

Bandai Namco released Dragon Ball Xenoverse in Japan a few days ago and an internet user who goes by the name of Sergio has been very active in attaining as much information on the game as possible. He has managed to unlock every character in the game along with all of their alternate outfits and has kindly compiled a video of his findings for the world to enjoy. The video below goes through the character select screen, showing off every character currently on the roster and their outfits. Please keep in mind DLC is planned and will include new characters, so there are still more to come.


Sadly, it doesn’t look like new villains Towa, Mira and Demigra made the cut as playable characters but the roster still has a good mix of diverse characters outside of some questionable exclusions. Not seen here are some of the transformations characters can go through and I can confirm that all Saiyan characters have the transformations they have made in the anime outside of Super Trunks and Super Vegeta and Broly’s regular Super Saiyan state, although Super Saiyan Bardock made the cut! Make sure to watch the video below and let us know if you’re favourite character/outfit made the cut.

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