Total War: Attila Spotlight Trailer Released

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Sega & Creative Assembly have released a spotlight trailer showing off some of the new mechanics for the next Total War game. Total War: Attilla takes place after the generally accepted fall of Rome, focusing of hordes, the Goths, and the Huns. This title will essentially follow the end period of Total War: Rome II.


Total War: Attila brings in hordes which will be a new type of roaming civilization, which will wander and rove. This is the major new feature and while players can bunker down and occupy settlements, there are a number of advantages to remaining a roving army. Changing to a static settlement will add a number of challenges to gameplay.

However, players will be able to leave settlements and return to being a horde. Players do lose their infrastructures from doing so, but it does add another layer to the strategy game. Huns will be unable to settle which does maintain their historical accuracy. The spotlight also focuses on the difficulties of famine, harsh climates, and bleak lands during the Dark Ages.


Other features promised from Creative Assembly include the following:

  • Apocalyptic destruction mechanics
  • Wield the ferocious power of fire in battle to set buildings ablaze and terrify defenders, or wipe entire cities and regions from the face of the campaign map with the new raze mechanic.
  • Legendary start position
  • Playing as the Western Roman Empire you will begin with vast territories under your control, but weakened by political in-fighting and threatened on all sides by enemies, your dominance will quickly become a struggle to survive.
  • Overhauled game mechanics
  • Improved core gameplay and UI through the latest optimised and modified Total War game mechanics, including politics, family tree, civic management and technological progression.
  • Incredible period detail
  • With new period-specific technologies, arms and armaments, religion, cultures and social upheaval, Total War: ATTILA delivers an authentic experience of this ominous chapter of our history.
  • Outstanding visual fidelity
  • Improvements and optimisations to both campaign and battle visuals create a chilling vision of a looming apocalypse and the ruin of the civilized world.
  • With breath-taking scale, atmosphere and improved graphical performance, witness the end of days and the rise of a legend.


The spotlight can be seen below. This period is considered a rather violent one in history, so there should be plenty of combat to go around. Total War: Attila is set to be released February 2015.