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Disney Infinity 2.0: Disney Originals Figures Review


Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Originals
Publisher: Disney
Platform: Xbox One (Reviewed), Xbox 360, PS4 PS3, Wii U, PC
Release Date: Available Now

Would you have guessed that Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes focused almost entirely on Marvel characters at launch? I know, crazy right! Well as awesome as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man are many people wanted more DISNEY in their Disney Infinity (and really, who could blame them). Luckily, we now have a full line-up of Disney Originals characters that have been added to the game’s already impressive roster of characters.

We took a look at some of the Disney Originals range last year with Big Hero 6’s Hiro and Baymax, along with Tinker Bell but now we have gotten our hands on the rest of the gang and quite impressed with what we have found.

One thing to mention though is that unlike with the first game, Disney Infinity 2.0 doesn’t offer any additional Play Sets, and none of the Disney Originals characters can be used in any of the pre-existing Play Sets, meaning that the characters below are pretty much relegated to the Toy Box.


Donald Duck
Price: $17.95 Available Here

The second member of the Three Musketeers, Donald Fauntelroy Duck (yeah, how’s THAT for some Disney trivia!) has finally arrived! Right off the bat the best thing about this figure is that they have managed to capture his personality and mannerisms PERFECTLY. “If it walks like a [Donald] Duck, and quacks like a [Donald] Duck. Then it IS a [Donald] Duck!”

Donald’s wild, erratic personality is best portrayed through his ranged attacks, that have him throwing random objects at enemies. Everything from a boot to a vase and everything in between. Donald will throw everything but the kitchen sink at his enemies to make sure he winds up the winner.

If ranged isn’t your style then Donald also has his trusty mallet to wallop anybody that gets in his way. Nobody is messing around with this Duck!


Price: $17.95 Available Here

Ok so full disclosure: I hated last year’s Maleficent movie and am a tad disappointed that they opted to go for that iteration of that character instead of the classic green-skinned, truly evil version (I’m sure my Kingdom Hearts fans know what I’m talking about).

Anyway personal bias aside, Maleficent may be one of the most powerful characters in Disney Infinity 2.0. At a basic level she shares a lot of her skills and abilities with Tinker Bell and Nova; being able to fly and shoot projectiles. Her projectiles are an ominous (and I will admit, badass) looking green colour that looks incredible on the game’s backdrops. Her special move has her summoning a torrent of crows and magical energy to lay waste to everything and everyone around her. Really she is an absolute power house character.

What makes Maleficent stand out from the crowd is that she has a completely unique flight animation. Since the figure takes inspiration from last year’s movie, Maleficent has access to her feathered wings which she uses to take to the skies. The wings aren’t present when she is on the ground, so watching them unfurl is cool in of itself.


Price: $17.95 Available Here

The Princess of DunBroch has arrived! Merida joins Disney Infinity 2.0 and stands proud amongst her “Disney Princess” companions; Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. The main difference she has from the others is that she has a special move!

I know I just said that Maleficent may be the most powerful character in the game, but I’m sure Merida gives her a run for her money. For obvious reasons the feisty red-head plays very similar to the unsung hero of the Avengers: Hawkeye. Both are archers, but Merida has some tricks up her sleeve that help her one up the super hero.

Firstly, Merida has the “Frosty Fire” ability which makes all of her arrows deal ice damage to enemies, as well as freezing them solid. Combine this with the fact that she can unleash an absolute rain of arrows at higher levels means that most things around you will be frozen solid and be sitting ducks for your long-ranged (or melee) combos.

Merida’s arrows can be upgraded to charge quicker, fire more often and even bounce off walls and other objects. She is basically a female version of Robin Hood from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


Stitch (Experiment 626)
Price: $17.95 Available Here

Coming all the way from outer space is Experiment 626 himself! Stitch is a cool little character who’s strength cannot be understated, even though it is wrapped safely in the confines of a cute exterior.

Stitch has an absolute arsenal of things he can use. His trusty ray gun can blast enemies away from halfway across the Toy Box (especially once upgraded) while his melee can deal devestatingly fast blows to unsuspecting enemies. His special attack has him revealing his two extra arms, each holding another blaster and absolutely lets the plasma fly! Not only does he unleash a barrage of laser blasts, but the spot they will all clump together for a body-rocking explosion.

So what makes Stitch unique? I mean almost all of the 2.0 characters have some kind of ranged attack right? Well can other characters roll themselves into a ball and roll around the Toy Box obliterating anything in their path? Stitch can and it is exactly as awesome as it sounds!


$17.95 Available Here

He’s one step ahead of the bread line. Aladdin is one of Disney’s most renowned scoundrels and he has managed to sneak his way into Disney Infinity 2.0. Mainly focusing on melee, Aladdin is equipped with a trusty scimitar to which he can cut down the evil Agrabah Guards. Quick, numble and with a mean jumping ability, Aladdin is the guy you are looking for when you need a melee character.

Aladdin has probably the coolest area of affect special move in the game; he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Magical Lamp, rubs it for good luck and watches as blue smoke and thunder rain from the heavens around him. The attack looks incredible and deals a considerable amount of damage to anyone caught in the genie’s wrath.

If Aladdin is missing one thing, it is his feisty princess; Jasmine. Luckily, the confident, self-assured, tiger-owning princess will be joining the line-up in a very short amount of time


Infinity Crystal Series Figures

Back when we were all excitedly playing the first Disney Infinity game, Disney released a few special edition “Crystal” figurines. These were crystal-clear versions of the characters that gained experience quicker, and looked really awesome on a shelf (they also light up when placed on the Infinity Base). These figures were Mr. Incredible, Sully, Jack Sparrow, Lone Ranger, Lightning McQueen, Perry the Platypus and Buzz Lightyear. There was however one character missing from the list: Mickey. Well now he has finally been released so you can complete your collection!


Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse
Price: $17.95 (Target Exclusive)

The final Infinity Crystal figure has finally arrived! Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey was already one of the coolest original figures, and now he has been given a slick coat of paint (or more accurately, been stripped of a coat of paint) and is ready to stand proud among the other crystal figures. Playable in both Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity 2.0, Crystal Mickey has all the same skills and abilities as the original figure.

I was a little disappointed in how the Crystal figures were handled in 2.0, I feel that the new skills trees would have been a great time to help differentiate them from the normal characters, but sadly it wasn’t to be. This just feels like a missed opportunity. Although the figure itself looks great and may very well be the best Crystal figure in the entire game. The way he glows when on the base is incredible, with his robe and the stars on his hat gleaming beautifully, especially in the dark. He does level up slightly quicker than his regular counterpart which means you can max out his skill tree in a fraction of the time.


So there you have it, the Disney Originals range for Disney Infinity 2.0. While all of the figures are amazing this time around, the fact that Disney opted to not release an additional Play Set means that they are almost entirely relegated to the Toy Box and the two Disney Originals Toy Box Game Discs. That, and the figures are leagues ahead of the original Disney Infinity characters in terms of power level and skill trees, further showing a lack of care being put into the older figures. All in all though, these are great and will each provide hours upon hours of play time and enjoyment, as well as looking awesome as a collection on your shelf.


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