Mordheim: City of the Damned Early Access Unleashed

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The city of the damned, Mordheim, is finally open for adventurers to explore and pillage to their hearts content. Published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Rogue Factor, the game is a computer adaption of the Games Workshop’s tabletop game of the same name. In return for participating in the game’s early access period, the game will be on sale with a 20% discount in order to facilitate feedback to the developers to improve the game. You can find the game on steam here.

The original game had the players control a variety of warbands including Skaven ratmen, vampires, and human mercenaries (amongst others) as they traversed the ruin city of Mordheim in search of valuables to loot and was an interesting blend of both strategy and role-playing mechanics. The early access version of the game currently offers two warbands, human mercenaries and skaven from clan Eshin (ninja rats), with another two slated for the final release. We’ve previously covered the unveiling of the Sisters of Sigmar as a confirmed playable warband in the game. There are current two procedurally generated maps with randomised elements and two unique maps with the only current game type being deathmatch.

More content will be rolled out incrementally with the devs obtaining player feedback as the game develops. I personally look forward to the prospect of sinking my teeth into the game and to see how the brutality of the Mordheim tabletop game transfers into a video game. Stay tuned for our preview coming soon.

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