Kaos Gets a Special Game Mode in Skylanders: Trap Team

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The Skylanders franchise is without a doubt a money making machine. Managing to grab the attention of kids for the past four years and selling unseemly amounts of video games and figurines. Well, the latest installment; Skylanders: Trap Team is just about here, and Activision has today announced a brand new game mode that revolves around the game’s main villain Kaos. The new “Kaos Doom Challenge” integrates the traditional Skylanders gameplay with the tried and true Tower Defense genre.

Players will be able to place defensive towers to help them face an unstoppable horde of enemies. Aside from the towers, players can take on the enemies head-on with their Skylanders figures and any of the game’s villains that they have managed to trap. With 100 stages in this horde-style game mode, players will have hours of fun at their fingertips.

Skylanders: Trap Team releases October 2nd on pretty much every single console, so make sure you stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Skylanders news as it becomes available.

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