We weren’t expecting another character reveal so soon after Kano‘s, but we did get some new gameplay footage showing off the variations of half the currently revealed roster for Mortal Kombat X at PAX Prime 2014.

Netherrealm‘s Twitch¬†session revealed little new info, but really continued to whet our appetite to go hands-on with the title. Two matches were showcased: Scorpion vs Sub-Zero and Raiden vs Kano. Again, Scorpion’s full fatality was not shown, with the demonstrator purposely flubbing the input. But we did get to witness Kano’s full fatality, and it is gruesome (duh!). Oh, and for those wondering, the laser came out of the right eye this time, so we can cease the odd rumours of experiments gone wrong on our favorite Black Dragon mercenary. Check out the footage embedded below.

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