Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse Mystery Character Turns Super Saiyan

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Bandai Namco have been slowly releasing a stream of information when it comes to their new game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, especially when it comes to the games unique content. The biggest draw card about the game seems to be the new storyline that will contain all new characters and locations and combine them with the classic story of the Dragon Ball world. Now it have been unveiled the main playable mystery character will be able to become a Super Saiyan! While this was pretty much expected it does confirm his Saiyan heritage but still leaves plenty of his identity up in the air. The community is still in heavy debate as to whether this is a custom created character or an original character that will have his own back story and unfortunately we are no closer to knowing. My call is that this is an original character that will not be able to be customised, based on the fact that he has featured so prominently and had pieces of official artwork centered around his character.


A few new screenshots were also released covering a few different areas. Most of the screenshots focus on the Super Saiyan mystery warrior but they also confirm that Android 17 and Android 18 will be making a return and that you character will be intervening in their battle against Vegeta. A 2 vs 2 screenshot brings further confirmation that the game will contain more than just 1 vs 1 fights, with the developers previously stating that 2 vs 2 and even further options such as 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 might be possible in this game, but they wouldn’t confirm the latter two modes.


The most interesting of the screenshots sees the mystery character talking to Yamcha. A quick translation of the scan equates to Yamcha offering his ki to the mystery warrior for the next battle as he doesn’t feel he will be much use himself. The player can then make the choice to accept or decline his offer. Apparently decisions such as these will affect story but to what degree is still unknown. Interestingly the scan indicates you will be able to travel around the city on foot and interact with these characters, but a recent interview confirmed that the story mode will not contain free roaming elements similar to Budokai 3 where you flew across the world map to fight in different locations. Maybe you can teleport to different areas and then explore them on foot?

The Dragon Ball Z Games Facebook page claims that all will be revealed in their next report, which we expect to come in a months time once V-Jump magazine releases in Japan. You can check out the newly released screenshots below.

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