PlayStation Portable Shipments To End In Japan

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Goodnight, sweet prince. Sony has today announced that plans to stop the shipment of PlayStation Portables around Japan will come into effect by the end of the month. The start of the new year saw an end to North American shipping of the console and now it is time for Japan to say “sayonara” to what was once a beloved handheld device. With the popularity of the PlayStation Vita slowly on the rise, this seems like a good time for is all to begin leaving the last generation behind as we step into a brighter video game future.

Originally launched just under ten years ago, the PlayStation Portable was the first of its kind for Sony and introduced the handheld gaming audience to a variety of brilliant games most of which many people hold dear. Unfortunately this time was always going to come but thankfully the PSP will continue to be sold throughout Europe and Latin America until further notice. Japanese PSP owners will be given PS Vita discounts to help transition from one console to the next which I believe to be a fantastic idea. Once again, we say “goodbye” and “goodnight” to an old friend of ours. PlayStation Portable, may your eternal slumber be peaceful.

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