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Olivia Olson and Jessica DiCicco Panel at Supanova 2014

Their royal highnesses

What time is it? That’s right adventurers, time to sit back and listen to two of Adventure Time‘s wonderful cast as they take the main stage at Supanova 2014. I speak of none other than the lovely Olvia Olson and Jessica DiCicco, the voices behind Marceline the Vampire Queen and Flame Princess.

To start the panel off, fans wished to know how Olivia and Jessica began their Adventure Time experience. Olivia explained that whilst working on Phineas and Ferb as the voice of Vanessa, Pendleton Ward spoke to her father, the then head writer of the series, wishing to get in contact with the voice actor. Thus Olivia came to lend her voice to one of cartoon’s greatest singing vampires. Jessica followed by jokingly saying that, without any familial connections, she  came to the series through a less than exciting method, auditioning with everyone else. Continuing from this, and as a tip to aspiring voice actors everywhere, the two explained that acquiring an agent is often overlooked as a difficult part of the process, so don’t underestimate any facet of a career. A helpful tip.

Following a few choice questions, the pair spoke of what it’s like to record lines and work with their fellow voice actors. Both noted that watching Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio read lines is unquestionably fun and also rather cute, as the two continue to develop a friendship. They also explained that, despite being fun, difficulty also arises from their inability to practice lines to any great degree, due to receiving their script shortly before recording. Though Olivia did specify that she is given more time to practice the songs that she so loves to sing and audiences hopefully love to hear. As if any confirmation on this was needed a fan indeed asked Olivia to sing a song from Adventure Time. After some loud and confusing shout outs from the audience, she settled to sing “Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries”…and it was beautiful. Challenging this idea, Olivia also proved that she herself performed each and every bestial sound that a strained Marceline delivered in the episode “Red Starved”…less beautiful.

A sweet serenade

Questions inevitably turned to Marceline and Flame Princess, as fans sought to receive specific details and opinions from the voice actors themselves. Fans were not left wanting to say the least. We learnt that Olivia loves Marceline’s ever changing wardrobe, always appearing with a new look that represents her character. Jessica noted that she is quite invested in the relationship between Flame Princess and Finn, wishing to see the two reconcile their differences sometime in the future. Though she also mentioned that watching Flame Princess duke it out with the Ice King was an action packed high point in the series. As for future developments, Jessica explained that she would love to see Finn and Flame Princess have a serious conversation regarding their relationship, again noting that she ships them together. Olivia’s wishes extended more towards the past, as she enjoys the development that Marceline has gone through and still questions “Where was Hunson Abadeer during Marceline’s time with Simon?” A good question, though with Pendleton Ward apparently keeping information close to his chest, it may be a while before we have our answers.

This insight into Olivia and Jessica’s opinions on their character also brought up the question of favourite lines, of which” there are so many”. Continuing on from her love for the undeniably sweet connection between her character and Finn, Jessica expressed her love for Flame Princesses heartfelt, “You would defy nature for me?” Also mentioning Adventure Time relationships, though in a very different context, Olivia uttered Marceline’s furious “It’s over you psycho!” that ended a tumultuous cartoon relationship. Though “Mah broom!” came in a close second.

With questions just as unpredictable as the series on which they work, Olivia Olson and Jessica DiCicco were terrific sports. In between the cacophony of screaming fans and convention hall announcements, they were only too happy to answer each question thrown their way and show that they were just as sweet as the characters they voice.

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