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No Game No Life Episode 11 Impressions

Who are these mysterious figures of which Sora speaks?

No Game No Life
Episode 11: Killing Giant

So apparently the Warbeasts virtual world is Tokyo, for all the sense that makes. Of course if it wasn’t just a throwaway locale to justify Sora and Shiro’s little breakdown at the end of last episode, it’s existence may be hinting at something regarding Earth and Disboard. Though I kind of doubt that. Either way, it’s time for the video game of a lifetime as the battle between Imanity and the Warbeasts begins.

Undisputed master of FPS and cuteness

Ok so first of all, the rules of this game certainly stand out. For those of you who didn’t catch it, the video game into which our heroes are summoned is entitled “Living or Dead Series Side Story: Love or Loved 2: Hit Her With Your Bullet of Love!” So not exactly the most serious sounding game out there. This become especially noticeable when we learn that the game is some kind of fusion between an FPS and a harem anime, though to be honest I’d be surprised if this didn’t exist somewhere in our world. Anyway, the aim of the game is to shoot NPCs in order to make your way to the other team’s player/players, whom you must then shoot in order to make them yours and win the game. Simple. Of course, for the sake of fan service, clothes may be used to block bullets, though doing so will cause said item of clothing to disappear…expect this rule to come into play a lot. That being said however, I was actually surprised by how little this aspect of the game was utilised. Sure they threw it around here and there, but a majority of the episode was spent showing how awesome Shiro is at FPS games and how the Warbeasts are a bunch of cheaters. Which, as you can guess, puts them on about equal footing.

This episode also stood out from those previous, in that we got to see Shiro implement her talents in a more immediate fashion. Until now, all of her calculations have been for the sake of more passive games wherein she was not a direct participant. To see her calculations and deductions utilised in an FPS served to show that she can more than compensate for her lack of physical abilities with careful planning…and a little trust. Though, by now we expect Sora and Shiro to invent some sort of plan together, even if only one of them understands it. Though, once again, this game is different in that we can see their teamwork in motion, bouncing off each other in real time in order to acquire the best firing positions and create perfect opportunities to shoot. Not to be outdone however, Izuna also reveals some pretty sweet moves as the game draws on. Though much of this could be attributed to the cheat codes the Warbeasts have active, her ability to survive an encounter with Shiro is impressive nonetheless.

The Angel of Death

However, if there was anyone to mention in this game, it would probably have to be Jibril. The joy that she clearly expresses from being in combat serves to remind us that she was once a vicious soldier in days of old. It’s kind of easy to forget when she spends most episodes drooling over books and making snippy remarks at her Masters. Her stand off with Izuna also showcases her terrifying battle lust further, helpfully presented to us via a shadowy¬†aura, one that intimidates her opponent before the battle even begins. Though Sora and Shiro are obviously the stars of the show, it’s nice to see some other characters getting some justification of their proclaimed skill…unlike poor Stephanie. Ever the comedic relief, she is immediately beaten by NPCs, revived by Sora, whom she is forced to fawn over, tricked into shooting herself, who she then fawns over, only to be immediately left behind by her comrades. That girl cannot catch a break. I’m not even sure what happened to her after that because they seriously just lef her behind…twice. She’ll probably make a return next episode, even comically help save the day, but I doubt she’ll be too happy about what has transpired.

Though despite everything that has happened in this episode, there is still one thing that I have to ask: Who came up with this game? Seriously, this is the game that destroyed the former King? I understand that the Warbeast cheated, but why did they pick this game to cheat in? It really doesn’t carry much dignity for a game that decides the fate of nations. Also, what kind of grandfather makes his granddaughter play this kind of game? Is he serious? Sure she’s most definitely going to win, but why throw her into a world where she has to shoot the clothes off of NPC women? Werechild services should really get on this guy…though I guess putting Shiro into this situation wasn’t that good either. Though they have the excuse of not knowing. Still, this world isn’t a very child friendly place.

Weregirls just wanna have fun

So everybody’s managed to fire off a few good shots here and there. Sora and Shiro tricked Izuna and Jibril has changed allegiances so many times she probably has whiplash. But whatever the case, Izuna is finally experiencing something that she has not had in a long time: fun. Admittedly she has a terrifying way of expressing this, but hey, good for her. Now, Sora, Shiro and the other two must somehow manage to defeat a girl who can see the future in a gunfight…shouldn’t be too hard.

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