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Michael and Lindsay Jones Panel at Supanova 2014

Meeting up with the Jones’

Representing Rooster Teeth and with an energetic and boisterous entrance, Michael and Lindsay Jones took to the stage at Supanova 2014. Once the cheers and applause from a packed audience finally subsided, the Jones’ even had time to answer a few questions and discuss the ins and outs of working at such an interesting company.

As you would expect from a panel hosting the newlyweds of the Rooster Teeth office, conversation immediately turned to, you guessed it, Gavin Free. Ever the Achievement Hunter darling, fans wondered what Michael and Lindsay would consider the dumbest thing Gavin has ever done. The consensus was that his inability to decipher a date in May during the “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Let’s Play” was undoubtedly a major lapse in judgement. But I digress…

Back to the guests of honour, fans wondered what the most difficult part of working at Rooster Teeth is. Turns out it’s “keeping the energy up”. Michael explained that Let’s Plays, Go! and every other video produced by Achievement Hunter tend to be filmed rather close, hence it is sometimes a challenge to maintain the exuberance that keeps fans attention. In this vein he instigated a cheer for Red Bull, which the audience was only too happy to produce. After all, the energy drink is in part responsible for some of our and the Jones’ favourite Let’s Plays, such as  GTA IV: Cops and Crooks, Starwhal: Just the Tip and the Worms and Minigolf sagas. That’s not an assumption by the way, the Jones’ listed their favourites…along with some of their less than favourites. Namely anything Monopoly related, the two hour epic that was Fuel and the now legendary and still mysterious Magic the Gathering Let’s Play. Rage Quit also netted a mention, with Michael divulging his true rage for Winnie the Pooh and his pointlessly difficult baseball game.

Never a dull moment

Having broadened their horizons into the realm of voice acting, the Jones’ also received many a question about their work on the action packed RWBY and Red vs Blue. Lindsay explained the original difficulty she had getting into the voice of Ruby and how she has only become more comfortable in the role as the series progresses. Michael also weighed in on episodes to come, happy that he will get more lines in the upcoming season. Though if his description of the recording process is anything to go by, it could take more than a few takes. I guess that’s the trouble in working with a crew of jokesters. However, the panel also came with the revelation that there may be some more voice acting in the future, though unfortunately details were not provided.

On a more personal note, we were also privileged to hear the story of how this Achievement Hunting couple first met and began their relationship. Sure it might sound a little personal, but Michael and Lindsay were more than happy to accommodate the interested fans. Without going into too much of the details, after a random compliment regarding Zelda tattoos and an unexpected car ride home a relationship grew. Isn’t that sweet? With the pair happily working together, they mentioned an interest in providing fans with a few videos sometime in the future. Though “Marriage Pals” seems to be an unlikely title, as Lindsay jokingly described that title as an oxymoron.

All in all the panel was full of love, laughter and a sparing amount of Aussie accents. With the final question of the panel calling for one of Michael’s patented bursts of rage, we we’re treated to what was dubbed a “PG Quit”, owing to the convention’s rules on language. Though these conditions did illicit the annunciation of the term “fartbomb”, so it wasn’t all bad. With fans still clamouring for more when the panel ended, I think it’s safe to say that Michael and Lindsay Jones will always be welcomed guests in Australia. Oh, and keep an eye out for AHWU 225. Here’s praying our intro makes the cut.

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