Wargaming and RAF Museum Announce Permanent Exhibition

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A page right out of history

As if restoring tanks wasn’t a large enough investment, Wargaming also has ties to currently under repair Dornier Do17 aircraft. With the project having begun back in 2013, Wargaming has just announced that a permanent exhibition space will be organised to showcase the aircraft upon its completion in 2015. The area in question at the Royal Air Force Museum in London, is known as the Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone. Just in case you forget who made it all possible. As of now the Dornier is still in a state of disassembly, it’s restored pieces available to the public. Though admittedly the full plane will be cooler.

Tracy Spaight (Special Projects Director at Wargaming) said:

“Offering people around the world to participate in each step of the Dornier Do17 renovation process has been a truly gratifying experience. As a company heavily invested in the preservation of military history, we feel it’s important to show our gratitude and appreciation towards these unique relics.”

To celebrate the opening of the Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone on 28th February 2014, Wargaming and the RAF Museum launched a mobile app known as Apparition. Said app utilises augmented reality and allows users to view a virtual version of the aircraft flying over the museum, creating their own little World of Warplanes. Users were also encouraged to submit photos of the hundreds of virtual Do17’s placed in various locations around the world, with the top 15 photos from Australia, UK, Ukraine, Philippines, Mexico and the USA chosen to be on display at the exhibit.

So if you’re ever in the vicinity of London, why not pop on down to the museum and take a gander at a piece of WWII history. If that’s a bit too far out of your way, just check out the images and video below to get a feel for Wargaming’s latest investment and its path from relic to exhibition. It’s pretty awesome.



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