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Mario Kart 64, Kirby, Super Metroid, and Brain Age are May’s Club Nintendo Rewards


That is a lot to get in one title, but with four wondrous picks from the Nintendo catalog, its hard just to choose one highlight for this month’s Club Nintendo rewards. For the month of May, you can snag Super Metroid and Mario Kart 64 (through the Wii) on your Wii U for 200 and 250 points each, while the 3DS has 3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure and Brain Age: Arts and Letters for a decent value at just 200 coins as well.

Sure, we have had some of these before, but with Kirby getting some lovely treatment as of late and Mario Kart 8 right around the corner, the timing is wonderful for those wanting to brush up on some of the classics. You may also notice that a lot of the merchandise that was “Sold Out”, like the Mario pouch, is now available yet again. Snag your new rewards today through June 8th.