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Great Ether! Ike Returns In The New “Super Smash Bros.”


The crowd screams “We like Ike! We like Ike!” as the heavy-hitting, sword-wielding, blue hair-having warrior returns to the battlefield once again for the next installment of “Super Smash Bros.” for the 3DS and Wii U. Yes, he’s back! The fan favorite Ike for the “Fire Emblem” series makes a grand return for the new game with a brand-new look and hopefully some nice new moves to master. Nintendo announced his addition to the new game over the weekend to the delight of “Super Smash Bros.” fans worldwide.

No information regarding his moveset has been released as of yet but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more of him (as well as the other combatants) in the near future. What we DO have are some amazingly good-looking pictures of the man in action which you can see in the gallery below. The new “Super Smash Bros.” is set for a Summer release this year on the 3DS with the Wii U version to follow later in the year. For now, enjoy the images of Ike and start getting excited for what is going to be one epic battle!