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Deadly Eyes Crawls out to Blu-ray July 15th


Like that picture above? It was 1982 when Deadly Eyes (aka Rats) was released, and it has of course been forgotten about by many – except those who still enjoy some fine, campy cinema. Scream Factory are bringing the movie to Blu-ray, and you can already pre-order from Shout! Factory‘s store by following this link.

Here is some information for those curious on just what this insane movie plot pertains to, as well as a couple special features found on the disc:

Grain contaminated with steroids produce large black rats that begin feeding on the citizens of Toronto. A college basketball coach (Sam Groom, The Baby Maker) teams up with a local health inspector (Sara Botsford, The Fog 2005) to uncover the source of the mysterious giant rats. When they discover that the rats are living in the subway, they try to prevent a new subway line from opening before all hell breaks loose underground. This is man’s last desperate, bloody battle to preserve the existence of the human race!

Special Features:

  • New interviews with actors Lisa Langlois, Lesleh Donaldson and Joseph Kelly, writer Charles Eglee, art director Ninkey Dalton, special effects artists Alan Apone and Alec Gillis.
  • TV Spot


Deadly Eyes hits stores on July 15th, so keep your eyes peeled and large mouse-traps set. Don’t forget to also check into the also upcoming The Final Terror while you’re at it.