TownCraft Now Available on iPhone and Mac

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Every kingdom begins with a single house…I think

Australian developer Flat Earth Games has announced that their building and crafting game TownCraft is now available for iPhone and Mac.

Set in medieval times, players are thrown into a vast wilderness and, following the logical train of thought, decide to build a kingdom better than all others. Naturally you must begin at the bottom and are only able to build the crudest of tools. But if you’re the kind of person who can start with a hatchet and end with a castle, you deserve to rule. Fish, farm, forage, mine, mill and explore in order to put your kingdom on the map and attract some travellers. Sell them your wares and net yourself a nice little profit…if you remember to build some shops. But when your stuck alone in the wilderness, what else is there to do other than build? Not much. Which is good, those windmills aren’t going to build themselves.

With a procedurally generated map, you’ll never be able to predict just where your precious resources will spawn. Think you know where to find some grapes? Nope. Remember a mine filled to the brim with gold? Wrong again. Isn’t chaos fun?

So grab your iPhone or Mac (or iPad) and take a casual little stroll into the odd world that is TownCraft. Though since you’re the builder, any form of weirdness is kind of your fault…

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